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Purchase good-value Oriental-style rugs online at Rug24

If your idea of the Oriental style brings to mind images of ageing, dusty, old-fashioned Oriental rugs, you have obviously not yet seen the Oriental-style rugs in the Rug24 range! We have breathed new life into the Oriental style. Whether it's our classic rugs featuring the traditional patterns or our modern 3D-effect designs, our range is anything but dated. If your idea of the Oriental style brings to mind images of ageing, dusty, old-fashioned Oriental rugs, you have obviously not yet seen the Oriental-style rugs in the Rug24 range! We have breathed new life into the Oriental style. Whether it's our classic rugs featuring the traditional patterns or our modern 3D-effect designs, our range is anything but dated.

The extensive filtering options in our webshop help you to keep a good overview of our huge range of good-value rugs and find your perfect design in no time. An Oriental-style rug does not need to be expensive. We have a large selection of rugs made from synthetic fibres such as polyamide and polyester. These yarns are particularly robust and hard-wearing, which means you will continue to enjoy your new Oriental-style rug for a long time to come. At Rug24, our priority is to ensure that the materials we use are handled with the utmost care during both automated and hand-finished processes.

Our rugs come with OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 certification, which guarantees that they do not contain any substances that could can cause health problems. Please contact our Customer Service team if you have any questions about the certification or about anything else.

Purchase good-value Oriental-style rugs online

Genuine Oriental rugs are renowned for being particularly expensive. This is due to the high-value natural materials and the intricate manual craftsmanship that went into producing the original Oriental rugs. Rug24 has a large selection of good-value Oriental-style rugs. Although our rugs are machine-produced, we still insist on excellent quality and our products also offer unbeatable value for money.

There are a number of benefits to ordering your unique Oriental-style rug online from Rug24: You can decide when and where you want to browse our selection, and you can spend as long as you like making your choice. In addition, the extensive filtering options in our webshop will help you to find what you're looking for in no time. To make your shopping experience as relaxed and easy as possible, we will also deliver your perfect rug to you at home — this is definitely a bonus if you have selected one of our large rugs. And if you decide that you don't like your rug, or if it fails to meet your needs and live up to your expectations, you have the right to return it to us free of charge within 60 days.

What makes an Oriental-style rug special?

Among the most striking features of an Oriental-style rug are the colour and pattern. Our classic Oriental-style rugs have deep red, blue and earthy tones and feature imaginative patterns that can be categorised into different styles. Floral, wave and geometric patterns are just some of the options we have available. You can use the filtering options to display only the Oriental-style rugs that meet your specific requirements.

In addition to rugs with the traditional Oriental look, Rug24 also has a range of more contemporary styles. This includes Oriental-style rugs in pastel tones, with a modern satin look or with simple Moroccan-style patterns in a neutral colour palette — the perfect complement to any décor style.

What types of Oriental-style rug do we sell?

Persian rugs

  • The traditional pattern used in Persian rugs creates a real taste of the Oriental style, bringing a touch of sensuous warmth to any room. With a colour palette of dark red or blue tones, this style of rug also creates a relaxed atmosphere. Why not try a striking Oriental-style rug in your office? The design of office furniture is generally quite simple, so a rug like this could provide a wonderful contrast. It will immediately give your work space a cosy yet professional feel.

Gabbeh rugs

  • Our Gabbeh rugs feature a radiant colour palette that immediately lifts your mood. Colourful yet restrained, they are particularly effective in rooms painted in a single and paired with unobtrusive furniture with clean lines. The rug draws attention, creating a more relaxed overall feel. Gabbeh rugs also make great wall hangings and are sure to attract admiring glances. They can be used not only in your home but also in doctor's surgeries and offices, creating a cheerful work environment. A Gabbeh rug can really lift the overall style of an area that otherwise tends to favour a lot of white, and clean lines.

Kilim rugs

  • Kilim rugs consist purely of the woven textile structure itself. There is no pile, so cleaning couldn't be easier. Another special feature of this type of Oriental-style rug is that it is woven on both sides, creating a pattern that looks wonderful and meaning the rug can be used on either side. The rugs are 100% cotton and manufactured using a special hand-woven process. The natural material radiates a breezy, natural feel that makes these rugs ideal for customers whose décor style has an emphasis on light fabrics and lots of plants. Kilim rugs are also ideal for the premises of alternative practitioners and physiotherapists, where conveying a feeling of nature, freedom and relaxation is a priority.

Vintage rugs?

  • Vintage rugs complement the Baroque style particularly well. This style is characterised by the used look, Oriental-inspired designs and ornate furniture, which means there are countless ways to tie in the vintage look of the rug. Rug24 has various designs available that feature the used look, and offers a whole host of colours — we have something to suit every taste.

Which rooms work well with Oriental-style rugs?

Oriental-style rugs are particularly robust and hard-wearing, which means they are suitable not only for your bedroom or living room but also for areas that see a lot of footfall, such as entranceways and hallways. Not only will the rug protect the flooring, it will also give any room an instant homely feel.

In your living room, an Oriental-style rug can visually pull together the seating area and also create a feel-good atmosphere. It's amazing just how much a simple Oriental-style rug can do to create a cosy environment. Add some colour-co-ordinated cushions and decorative vases and you will quickly achieve an Oriental look that will give your home a magical and relaxed sense of style.

The patterns and colours that are typical of Oriental-style rugs make them a truly special addition to your home that will enhance any room. The Oriental look can create a particularly romantic atmosphere, particularly if you emphasise the look with your other furnishings. You could add a complementary table lamp, for instance. We would recommend selected lamps from the WOFI range, which provide gold-brown accents that are perfect for the ambience.

What do I need to know about caring for my rug?

Oriental-style rugs are precious. Proper care is important when it comes to making sure you can enjoy these beautiful accessories for as long as possible. Regular vacuuming and immediate stain removal are the cornerstones of the cleaning process. It is possible to remove almost all stains by hand, and without using any expensive rug cleaners. You can learn how to tackle stains in our advice section.

If cleaning by hand is not sufficient to remove a stain, don't hesitate to have your Oriental-style rug professionally cleaned.

Purchase your new Oriental-style rug now at Rug24!

Don't delay, purchase a rug today! Browse our webshop right now. If you have specific requirements for your rug, you can use our filtering options to help you find your perfect design in no time. We sell a range of particularly good-value rugs, but if you decide to go for a more expensive hand-made rug, or a rug made from natural materials, our credit service can help you to make your dream rug a reality. Our webshop is sure to have the right Oriental-style rug to suit your taste. Browse our range and order a special accessory for your home today.

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