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  • Sisal Effect Rug - Beige Brown – Bild 1
    Sisal Effect Rug - Beige Brown – Bild 2
    Sisal Effect Rug - Beige Brown – Bild 3
    Sisal Effect Rug - Beige Brown
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  • Hand-Woven Trend Rug Morocco Blue White – Bild 1
    Hand-Woven Trend Rug Morocco Blue White – Bild 2
    Hand-Woven Trend Rug Morocco Blue White – Bild 3
    Hand-Woven Trend Rug Morocco Blue White
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  • Short-Pile Rug Stripes Symbols Beige – Bild 1
    Short-Pile Rug Stripes Symbols Beige – Bild 2
    Short-Pile Rug Stripes Symbols Beige – Bild 3
    Short-Pile Rug Stripes Symbols Beige
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  • Hand-Woven Trend Rug Morocco White Yellow – Bild 1
    Hand-Woven Trend Rug Morocco White Yellow – Bild 2
    Hand-Woven Trend Rug Morocco White Yellow – Bild 3
    Hand-Woven Trend Rug Morocco White Yellow
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  • Hand-Woven Trend Rug Morocco Black White – Bild 1
    Hand-Woven Trend Rug Morocco Black White – Bild 2
    Hand-Woven Trend Rug Morocco Black White – Bild 3
    Hand-Woven Trend Rug Morocco Black White
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Purchase good-value kitchen rugs online - Rug24

In days gone by, a kitchen was just a small room, situated near the dining area and was used for purely practical purposes. Today, kitchens often have an open-plan design and are integrated into our living and dining areas — almost like a show cooking set-up. The kitchens of yesteryear are a distant memory. We now use them to cook — alone, with family or with friends. We're happy to spend a bit of money on our kitchens, and to have them custom-designed to fit our homes. The kitchen is a place where we enjoy each other's company, cook for guests, and generally spend a lot of time.

Food has become so much more than just a simple necessity; it is now also a pure pleasure. So why shouldn't we lavish the same care and attention on the room in which we prepare our food as we do on all the other areas of our home? We carefully pick out our tile splashbacks, find the perfect LED spotlights for the underside of the kitchen units, create a small seating area that complements the dresser for a quick breakfast or for any little helpers in the kitchen. And our approach should be just as meticulous when it comes to selecting the flooring for our kitchen.

There's no getting away from the fact that the kitchen is somewhere mishaps can quickly happen. And sometimes it's not just food that gets dropped, but a knife or a glass. Quite apart from the risk of someone injuring themselves, accidents like this can be hazardous for your flooring. It takes but a moment for an unsightly scratch or even a cracked tile to make an appearance. Our easy-care kitchen rugs are the perfect way to head off damage at the pass.

Our synthetic-fibre flat-weave rugs offer unbeatable value and are available in a wide range of different designs. Each kitchen is individually designed, and a rug should complement that carefully selected look rather than working against it. Using the extensive filtering options available in our webshop, you can sort by different styles, colours and patterns and find your perfect, good-value kitchen rug in no time. And there's no need to worry about food spills, because our rugs come with OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 certification that guarantees the rugs are free from harmful substances.

Why purchase a rug for your kitchen?


The kitchen is where we go to make food for ourselves or for our loved ones. We use the room a lot, and we sometimes spend quite a long time in there. So it stands to reason that we want our kitchen to have a warm and comfortable feel. In a room in which there is not much scope to use cosy textiles, adding a kitchen rug can make a big difference. Once your rug is in place you'll definitely appreciate how warm and comfortable a kitchen can be.

Sound insulation

In apartment complexes in particular, the sound of footfall from within a home can quickly become a source of disturbance. The kitchen in particular is somewhere we spend a lot of time, often at the same time as several other people. A kitchen rug can help to absorb the sound of footfall and solve the problem. No matter how often you go to the fridge for a bedtime snack, with a rug in your kitchen you can rest assured that your neighbours can still enjoy peaceful slumbers.

Thermal insulation

It's hard enough to get out of bed in the mornings once winter arrives. But it's particularly unpleasant to have to navigate cold tiles in order to get your first coffee of the day. The difference between standing on cold tiles and standing on a nice flat-weave fabric will be instantly noticeable, and getting out of bed will suddenly seem much easier.


The kitchen can quickly become a rather hectic place. It is not uncommon for a drink to spill, some food to end up on the floor, or for a sharp object to be dropped. No flooring can withstand all this for long. Depending on the type of flooring you have, liquid spills may cause it to bulge, it could get scratched, or stubborn stains could accumulate. A kitchen rug protects the flooring from all these external influences. Liquids are absorbed, the impact of any sharp object falling is dampened, and sometimes a rug is even enough to stop a glass or other fragile items from breaking. The synthetic fibres we use mean that it couldn't be easier to clean our rugs after any little mishaps, so they are quickly back doing their job again.

Kitchen rug or kitchen runner?

The type of rug you ultimately choose will depend entirely on the shape and configuration of your kitchen. Kitchen runners are ideal for kitchens that consist of a single row of units. If there are two rows of units positioned opposite each other in a galley-style kitchen, the kitchen runner can be placed in the middle. The same applies to a row of units with an island positioned opposite. Rug24 has a large selection of kitchen runners in a host of colours, patterns and styles.

We recommend opting for a larger kitchen rug if there is room to position it without the edges of the rug touching the walls and getting turned up. Our good-value kitchen rugs come in various sizes, so you will find the right rug whatever the size of your kitchen. A kitchen rug is also ideal in a kitchen-dining area. It protects the flooring and also creates a visual separation, so that this area appears set apart from the rest of the kitchen.

Can I purchase a washable rug for the kitchen? Cleaning and caring for kitchen rugs

Our easy-care kitchen rugs are made primarily from synthetic fibres such as polyacrylic and polypropylene. The benefit of these materials is that the rugs can be cleaned in the blink of an eye. When tackled right away, minor spills are easily dealt with using just water and a cloth. It is also easy to remove more stubborn stains without the need for any need to use any abrasive rug cleaners. For details of how to deal quickly and cost-effectively with red wine spills, chewing gum and coffee stains, visit our advice section. And if you really want to play it safe, you could purchase one of our special rugs for your kitchen — we sell rugs that are machine-washable at 30°C.

Purchase your new kitchen rug now at Rug24

If you like to spend time in your kitchen and it is important to you, that you feel comfortable in a room that you use so often,, don't delay!, Order your good-value kitchen rug or kitchen runner now at Rug24. Not only do our rugs add a touch of comfort to your kitchen, they also protect your flooring against scratches, spills and stains. These flat-weave rugs are available in a variety of sizes, so you are sure to find the right rug for any type of kitchen. Our huge selection of designs also comes in a wide range of colours — so all our customers will be able to find the perfect kitchen rug or kitchen runner, to meet all their needs and requirements. Filter according to your preferences, for colour, style and pattern, and be inspired by our unbeatable value!

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