The boho-style:
From a way of life to a home furnishing style

Bedroom in boho style
Boho lifestyle among friends

The origins of the boho look

The flourishing new "boho trend" is everywhere, from popular blogs and fashion magazines to jewellery and clothing stores. But where does this trend come from, and what exactly does "boho" mean?

The boho or "bohemian" look was originally used to refer to a fashion style originating from an intellectual movement in France that was associated with creative freedom and effortlessness. The word itself was originally a term used for Sinti and Roma peoples who had emigrated to France from Bohemia (then part of Germany). They represented an escape from societal norms, moving far away from "normal" to a different, free and edgy way of life.

In the late 60s,, when the "flower power" movement was in full swing, hippies were particularly fascinated by this characteristic look. They were inspired to use boho looks to accentuate their individuality. This style is particularly associated with self-realisation and is expressed by wearing, natural materials, such as thin silk, cotton or linen. Colours such as brown, dark green, earthy shades of orange and ruby red are typical of, boho styles,, but brighter colours can also be used. The look is rounded off by decorative elements such as feathers,, embroidery, or fringing.

A selection of beautiful boho-style rugs

  • Indoor & Outdoor Rug Boho Yellow Turquoise Black
    Indoor & Outdoor Rug Boho Yellow Turquoise Black
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  • Indoor & Outdoor Rug Colourful Boho Stripes
    Indoor & Outdoor Rug Colourful Boho Stripes
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  • Indoor & Outdoor Rug Oriental Look Bordeaux Red
    Indoor & Outdoor Rug Oriental Look Bordeaux Red
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  • Indoor & Outdoor Rug Pattern Mix Brown Beige Green
    Indoor & Outdoor Rug Pattern Mix Brown Beige Green
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Celebrate wedding in boho-style

Boho for any occasion

Even Picasso was inspired and enthused by the beauty and drama of his muse, using long Persian robes and feathers to depict this in his artwork. And this enthusiasm continues to this day. It's becoming ever more popular for couples to get carried away with the boho trend on their wedding day, weaving the style, light-heartedness and casual feel into everything from the room decorations, the bridal bouquet and the real masterpiece of any dream wedding — the wedding dress. The light, airy materials are also particularly suited to this occasion, while flowers form the centrepiece of both weddings and the typical boho image. In addition to its beautiful look, the boho style also symbolises independence, adding an extra distinctive touch to what is by nature a traditional event and thus allowing the bride and groom to enter their marriage without having to conform to some of the more time-worn rituals.

Indoor and outdoor rugs in boho-style

Adopting and living the bohemian lifestyle

The most integral part of a bohemian lifestyle is comfort. It's all about feeling good and being able to identify with the style. This trend is not just chic — it's more in demand than ever. Plus it's not just suited to a trendy clothing style, but can also be easily infused into the décor of your world within your own four walls. After all, your home says as much about your personality as your fashion sense does, and should really encapsulate what makes you unique.

So if you want to embrace boho in your home, combine a natural colour pallet with any type of wood decorations, wooden floors and furniture. A special characteristic of the bohemian look is that it is so versatile. It brings a playful and romantic touch, has a slight French flavour, exudes a hint of relaxed hippie culture and adds a dash of vintage. This opens up a great deal of space for creativity when it comes to designing your rooms to reflect you and your tastes.

This type of furnishing style is multi-faceted, just like life. Ethnic patterns, for example, are a popular highlight when creating a bohemian look. It doesn't matter if the pattern is rectangles, circles, lines or bright colours — there's no limit to the imagination when it comes to this look. In short: style it however you want to.

All it takes is a little courage to go for unusual colour combinations — the more extraordinary, the better. Accessories make boho chic come to life. They don't just enhance a room; they also make it feel a lot cosier. Colourful cushions, stools and unusual lamps really accentuate the snugness of the room. Cushion covers with funky patterns, woven baskets and other textiles add instant glamour and creativity to your living room.

Furnishings in boho-style

Create a cosy atmosphere

Playful carpets complete this offbeat, artistic look. You can be totally individual with your choices, but no matter what colour or pattern, whether it has fringing or not — the carpet is an absolute must. It really rounds off the overall look and oozes extra cosiness. A carpet with a myriad of eye-catching patterns is the highlight of every room and really brings out otherwise rather muted colours in a completely different light — while also contributing to the feel-good atmosphere and inducing a relaxed posture. The ambience invites you to enjoy sociable yet comfortable evenings at home.

Adding decorative items from distant cultures such as the East, Africa or Asia will also help you achieve a perfect boho style across the board. You don't even necessarily have to buy something new — using a few souvenirs from past holidays is often best for creating the perfect design. Using old trinkets not only adds to the ambience; it also gives the room a personal touch by letting your holiday memories seep into your interior design.

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