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To avoid wrong purchases and trouble

There are a lot of things that one can pay attention while purchasing a carpet. How does the design match my furnishing ? Should the carpet be cozy with a high pile Or should it rather be a sturdy exemplar with a low pile Where do i actually want to put the carpet ? Ah , when the carpet arrives at home i am sure to find an appropriate place for it ! - Wrong . Once the carpet arrives, it is hard work and really annoying to get it out of the house again , if the size is not appropriate . The majority of that kind of failed purchases are due to a lack in advanced arranged location for the carpet.

To prevent such things ,we are going to explain you, how and where you can place your carpet the best ,whether in the living room , bedroom, dining room or in the hall.

Before thinking about the color , the design or the pile height one should know the size of the carpet in advance. That is why the room size should be first in mind.

For small rooms you should choose the appropriate small carpets and for big rooms you should choose big carpets. This seems to be an easy rule. The carpet should tendentially be always a little bigger than smaller , this is more secure.

If you do not respect those rules , the room´ s atmosphere can be moody , due to the fact that too small or too big carpets make the room seem disproportional. Carpets that are too small get lost in the room there for carpets whereas carpets that are too big make rooms seem smaller .

Apart from the fact that the rooms atmosphere changes due to the size of the carpet , there is a practical reason why you should deal with the size first. Often the wanted carpet is not available in the matching size or the prize of the carpet rises according the size.

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Living room

In the living room the sofa is the standard for defining the perfect size of the carpet. An unwritten rule says : The length of the couch added with 30 cm right and left, results the length of your carpet.

If you want to extend the carpet in the living room, you have to put your furniture as they should be , as soon as the carpet is placed.

Small room (15-20 square meters) – Classically, the rectangular carpet has to be placed in front of the sofa. The carpet should be at least as wide as the sofa, but not above 10 cm at each side. The sofa should not be put on the carpet, because the carpet is already small due to the limited size of the room. Stools, occasional tables or similar tools can be placed on it.

Medium-sized room (about 30 square meter) – In a medium-sized room, there are often more seating possibilities. Taking our example, two sofas and two armchairs. The carpet can be placed in front of the sofa, but not above 20 to 30 cm on each side of the sofa. In the middle there is the occasional table again. The armchairs slightly diagonally, opposite to the sofa on the corners of the carpet. The sofa and the armchairs can just be placed with their front legs on the carpet. In this way the seating place in combination with the carpet creates a harmonious sight.

Large room ( over 40 square meter) – In a large room with the same furniture as in our medium-sized room, the carpet has to be much bigger. It can have at least, on each side of the sofa, one meter and at least 50 cm behind the seating possibilities. The furniture will be placed , according to the island principle , on the carpet , so that each furniture stays enough around on the carpet. Other shelves and dressers will not be placed on the carpet.

Corner sofa – For a corner sofa, please use the same principle, though with a squared and not a rectangular carpet.

Round carpets – Round carpets should be used with caution. They are useful for a round coffee table or a Eye-catcher under a corner of the table.

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Dining room

Many carpets owners are familiar with that, a beautiful sturdy dining room-carpet has been chosen , placed but then came the bad awakening - just two chair’s legs on the carpet instead of four of the chair’s legs . It does not only look disharmonious , but it is also impractical while moving the chairs and it leads to tilt manoeuvres.

It is important to not only take the size of the dining table in consideration but also the chairs and above all their use. That is why the carpet should at least be 70 centimetre wider than the dining room. If the chairs on the headboards stand, the carpet should measure more than 70 centimetre.

The shape of the carpet depends on the shape of the table. Round dining table, round carpet, rectangular table, squared table-simple, but net. Do not forget, if you own a extendable table, calculate with the size of the extendable table!

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The necessity of a carpet in the bedroom is apparent during a cold winter morning, when you step on a soft high pile instead stepping on a cold hard floor. Only then you know why you can not make it without a carpet in the bedroom. It has especially a great influence on the coziness of the room.

The way you place the carpet in the bedroom is quite simple . The three common possibilities are actually all orientated towards to the bed. It is especially recommended to use carpets in the bedroom, also if you visually want to differentiate the sleeping area with the rest of the bedroom.

Large area – For a large bed and the belonging space, all around, a large carpet will be placed under the bed, so that, not only the entire bed has a place but also the bedside tables. So that the carpet looks not squeezed, the carpet should be placed , at its edges, at least 30 centimetres behind the bedside tables.

Partially – A carpet should only be partially placed under the bed, to be exact, it should be under the last third of the edge of the bed . That way the bed will be optically extended and in the same time insulated against sound and cold. If you prefer another alternative, you can fall back on our bed frames, so that the carpet is laid left, right and at the end of the bed .So the bed will be visually framed and there will be harmonious view of the room.

As eye-catcher – Someone who wants to slightly enhance the bedroom, can put the carpet as eye-catcher. A bed which is placed at the wall fits perfectly with a rectangular carpet or you can put the round carpet next to the bed.

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The simplest is probably the size selection of the carpet for the corridor. First the carpet should be about 15-20 centimeter from the wall. Second it is important ,that the doors can be opened without problem, especially with a long-looped carpet.

Carpets that are also available as runners

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