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Oversized carpet
XXL carpet with pile

What is the size of an oversized rug?

Oversized rugs, i.e. rugs in XXL format, are rugs that are more than 2.30 m wide. Rugs of this size will often easily fill an entire room. In large rooms, where there is still space all around the rug up to the walls, it is advisable to position these giants in the middle of the room. All items of furniture that would otherwise be positioned all around the rug can simply be positioned on the carpeted flooring. Oversized rugs also look good in alcoves, such as a dining room, for example, when they stretch from wall to wall. This gives the impression of the area being a stand-alone area. You can put this effect to good use when the living and dining areas are combined in one room. Each living area is then a section of its own.

Lay out the carpet completely

A wide range of XXL rugs

Our oversized rugs are available with pile, without pile, with patterns, without pattern, multi-coloured, one-colour — there is a rug to suit every taste. It is important that the rug suits the room. A rug can be used as a statement.

The larger the rug, the more snugly it will fit in your home. The size of XXL rugs means they are sometimes also known as rug islands. Lying in the middle of a room, these giants look like islands that have risen up from the blue waters of the oceans.

Giant carpet Shaggy

Choosing the correct rug size

In large living areas in particular the size of the rug can sprawl. Small rugs in large rooms quickly look lost. And if you have the space for a large rug, you can make use of the space in full. You can even stand a whole sofa set on lush rug to create even more comfort. The optimum rug size is different for each room. The character and size of a room also affects the size of a large rug.

The best thing to do is to measure the available space once you have arranged the furniture as desired. This will give you a better feel for the character of the room and the impression of how far the new rug should and must stretch.

Large round rug in the living room

Large rugs enhance rooms

Floors that show significant signs of wear or are uneven after the removal of old carpets can cleverly be improved. Simply place a large rug on the floor. Oversized rugs are perfect for this. By covering such a large surface area. these giants create a new atmosphere. It may be best to determine the size of the new rug yourself.

Our Rug24 range has a range of different sizes available for you to choose from. Many of our rectangular rugs come in a maximum size of 300 x 400 cm. For our numerous round rugs, we have a beautiful range available in all kinds of colours and materials, with a maximum diameter of 200 cm.

Oversized rugs

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    Shaggy Carpet Micro-Polyester Pink
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    Shaggy Grey
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