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Hand knotted carpet pink
Hand knotted vintage carpet

Handmade carpets: Available from us at affordable prices

In the carpet world, hand-knotted carpets are the most beautiful and offer the highest quality among those of their kind. Durability and unique designs are other outstanding features of these stunning handmade pieces. No two carpets are the same, so hand-knotted carpets add an unparalleled touch to any setting — they are true eye-catchers.

At Rug24, we offer both machine-woven carpets and wonderful, hand-knotted ones. Each unique piece is available at affordable prices and in modern designs and colours. Click here to see these beautiful pieces.

When it comes to hand-knotted carpets, we distinguish between two different types; you can choose classic Oriental carpets and vintage carpets made using "old" designs, and we also offer handmade carpets in modern colours, made from natural fibres such as wool.

Hand-knotted and made from natural fibres

All of our handmade carpets are tufted by hand and given a strong cotton backing. Pure viscose with a high thread density is used for the short pile, giving the carpet its soft texture. A final cutting process gives the surface its mottled structure, which turns a plain design into an eye-catcher. All of our carpets are certified in accordance with STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®, guaranteeing that they are free of harmful substances.

The natural fibres we use are initially spun by hand and then processed at an extremely high thread density into cosy one-off pieces. The short pile that this produces is robust and easy to care for. A carpet can be called hand-knotted if the yarn in the pile has been worked into the backing with a knot. The backing—also known as the warp and the weft—is usually made from wool, cotton or viscose, and the pile is usually wool. The special feature of these elaborately produced carpets is that protruding threads in the pile, which are carried to the top as the carpet is moved and walked on, can simply be snipped off using scissors. These threads are a typical characteristic of the craftsmanship, not a production fault.

Most classic hand-knotted carpets are from the originating countries in the Orient; from Turkey through to China. They also come from the Maghreb states in North Africa, such as Morocco and Egypt, which have long been influenced politically and culturally by the Orient. You can find out more about the originating countries at this link.
Pink carpet - Handmade

Good advice regarding handmade carpets

On average, an original Oriental carpet measuring two by three metres costs between 5600 and 24,000 euro; the bigger it is, the more expensive. The price of a beautiful one-off piece can easily equal that of a luxury car. At the "Heimtextil" textile trade fair, we marvelled at carpets costing around 250,000 euro and upwards; each more beautiful than the last. Thorough inspection is essential when purchasing an Oriental carpet. You can identify quite a lot of details even with very little specialist knowledge; especially serious defects.

You can check whether you are looking at a genuine—i.e. hand-knotted—carpet simply by touching it. Use your finger to trace a fringe on the back of the carpet. If it passes through the carpet as a "warp thread" and forms a fringe again at the other end, you can be reasonably sure that the carpet is genuine. In machine-made carpets, the fringed edging is only applied afterwards.

Bend the carpet upwards and look at the structure. If you can see knots in irregular rows, this is definitely a hand-knotted carpet; machines cannot create knots, only loops. Machine-made carpets are also stiff and cannot be folded.

Hand-knotted rugs in different styles

Hand-knotted carpets in various styles

Our extensive range includes various styles of hand-knotted carpets. One particularly trendy style is the traditional ethnic pattern, which will provide fresh inspiration for your interior design. The elegant floor covering is usually made from hand-spun wool or viscose and boasts a flat pile height of 7 mm and an average weight of 3800 g/m². These sumptuous carpets made from soft materials are both hard-wearing and easy to care for, making them suitable for any location in your home. A handmade carpet with a nomad design has a high thread density and an impressive level of quality. Thanks to the patterned surface with a folklore-inspired, ethnic design, the carpet will harmonise with your interior style.

Whatever the weather—sun or grey skies—a vintage-look designer carpet will give your living area a cheerful, Mediterranean touch, depending on the pattern. The tasteful worn look, with motifs that seem to blur together, means that vintage-style short-pile carpets add an elegant accent to a modern atmosphere. The harmonious play of colours emphasises how perfectly the eye-catcher combines with light and dark furniture. The striking silky appearance of professionally crafted vintage carpets will embellish any room and the high thread density makes them comfortable underfoot. Excellent workmanship and natural fibres certified in accordance with STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® are among the other features that make our high-quality products stand out.

Click here to explore our premium range of hand-woven carpets.

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