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Are all designer carpets the same?

The first question here is: What is design, and when is a carpet a designer carpet? When it has been designed by a well-known designer? Or when the carpet has fundamental characteristics such as trendy colours, for example, or is characterised by the way it is made? When it is the product of special materials, or has attractive patterns? We believe that all these factors turn a carpet into a designer carpet. Because every carpet that involves a creative approach is brought into being by a designer, so it is rightly called a "designer carpet".

Designer carpets emphasise an individual's personality, which is reflected in how they create their own personal setting — that is, in their choice of interior design. And the borders quickly blur here between a practical, warm floor covering, a decorative element, and a work of art. If we take a look at how carpets first appeared in our households, then the initial question doesn't seem so far-fetched.

Knotted art from willows

Carpets, then and now

Carpets as we know them nowadays, with beautiful designs and wonderful colours, can be traced back to the origins of human culture. From time immemorial, people have created items by braiding flexible materials such as willow, which was most commonly used to begin with. So, braiding is generally seen as the precursor to weaving techniques. This kind of work was originally particularly common as part of nomadic lifestyles, but also in farming settings, where the flat-woven work was used to meet the residents' own needs. Drawings show that home-made carpets were already being used in living spaces hundreds of years ago. Carpets were being exported from Asia throughout the world as long ago as 500 BC but, as the nature of the materials used meant that they had a short lifespan, no remnants have survived.

Style element pomegranate

The spread of designer carpets

Carpets reached Europe around 710 AD, as Spain saw an influx of people from North Africa who were skilled in the art of carpet knotting. The dynasty of that period is represented by the pomegranate, as this first carpet industry grew up close to Granada. This symbol of the city later reappeared around the world as a motif in the artistic knotted carpets.

Both weaving and the spread of carpets are as extensive as the continents themselves. The industrialisation of the 20th century brought floor art within the reach of the masses; before then, it had been reserved for the wealthy. At the same time, the carpet designs moved further and further away from the traditional Oriental motifs. Both of these factors served to continuously grow the success of designer carpets. Modern designs gave households more opportunities to use carpets for their individual design styles, which also revolutionised interior design. This was a period of change, when people were moving away from the trend of matching their carpets to their wallpaper and fabrics, or using the same design for these elements. Carpets became style elements that divided rooms into zones for eating, living, relaxing and so on.

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Designer carpets to suit the furnishings trend

When it comes to home and living, fashion trends move on after between one and four years, and this also applies to carpet designs. So, after a few years have passed, trends like sequin art and glitter reappear on our cushion covers and floor coverings. Trendsetters who like to keep up with the latest interior design trends will love designer carpets. Ongoing improvements to manufacturing processes and the frequent use of artificial fibres are making carpets with fashionable designs more and more affordable — setting the hearts of decorating fans racing and lightening their wallets. Artificial fibres also have excellent product characteristics and are extremely easy to care for. Thanks to these modern materials and advanced manufacturing processes, the most unusual designs can be produced in wonderful, trendy colours.

To summarise, you could say that with unusual designer carpets we are referring to those with trendy design concepts that are developed and designed to emphasise the latest living trends.

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